Customer Service for Business Phone Systems

Customer care for Company Phone Systems

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Working in a law office frequently indicates long hours and late nights, specifically doing probate work. Getting in prior to 7 A.M. and staying till well past organisation hours, I assumed that I would always be available for whoever may call me. Recently, my office switched our company phone system and I started to observe a drop in the variety of calls I was getting every day. It was such a change, in truth, that I was able to get my work completed much earlier than typical. I never thought about that it might be our phone system and just chalked it up to best of luck. Little did I know that I was missing out on several calls from crucial customers who had practically all left voicemail messages that I had not been getting. A few weeks after he brand-new phone system was installed, I faced among these customers while in court, who kidded me about being too busy to get back to her. It was then that I understood there need to have been an issue.

The next day when I went back to the office, I asked my associates if they had experienced comparable problems. They hadn’t, however they recommended I call the company who sold us our phones and equipment to see what could be done. I called, and within twenty minutes, the issue was repaired. Obviously, my voicemail was being sent out to another location. The service representative discussed in information the best ways to do an easy diagnostic to see if my messages were going where they were supposed to. When I discovered that they weren’t, he described ways to alter the settings to resolve the problem. While I now have a great deal of calls to catch up on, I am grateful that the business we opted for our brand-new phone system supplies such qualified client service. I believe that in the phone service, as in any company, it is vital to success.