Law Students: Networking with Law Firms to Find a Great Internship

Law Students: Networking with Law Firms to Find a Fantastic Internship

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For a lot of law trainees, connecting with law practice is the very best way to find a great internship.
In large cities and towns, the legal community is close knit and often times, it is who you understand, not what you know. The more people you meet, the much better your possibilities of constructing your professional network, and finding a terrific intern position. Networking is finest started with one’s own buddies and associates. You can slowly branch out to network with your good friends’ friends, colleagues, and members of the legal profession, along with others in the business community that can enhance your efforts.

Do not be shy about contracting individuals of the legal profession who are unknowned to you. Focus on attorneys who are active in your field of interest. Make a list of potential law firms and look for visits to set up interviews. You can make it clear that you are not searching for a job or internship, however seeking their guidance and ideas on your common field of interest. In the process of meeting them, if they do have an opening for an intern, they might consider you. However, your main concern at this time is to increase your networking. Consider it as individual marketing that will serve you well your entire profession.

Preparing for Internship
Prior to connecting with fellow experts and law practice, make sure that you have your resume ready. An internship resume must be useful, proactive and interesting. Have it composed by an expert to ensure you stand out from the crowd amongst all other intern candidates. Stress your area of interest and why you want to intern for a certain law office. Your resume ought to highlight your experience (including volunteer work, community service and clerking positions while in school) that pertain to your field of interest, your commitment to the law and must reveal your enthusiasm for your chosen profession field.

Your resume should be well written to create an excellent impression, and should be accompanied by an outstanding cover letter.

Depending upon the law practice you are applying to for your internship, you might be required to submit a variety of files with your task application, such as:

– A covering letter specifying the reasons for applying
– An in-depth resume
– A sample of written legal work (make sure that it does not breach customer confidentiality)
– Two composed referrals
– Copies of university and other degrees, and/or diplomas
– A list of specialized courses taken

If you have used to a foreign law practice for your internship program, you will require submitting copies of your passport, also. Ensure that your internship application is sent according to the law practice’s requirements.