How I Found A Male Genital Warts Doctor

Wart on penis
Male HPV

So I’m in my late 20s, recently divorced, back in the dating game and yes, it’s every bit as much of a jungle out there as my friends told me it would be!. Over the past 6 months I’ve started putting myself out there, going to single’s events and even venturing into the overwhelming world of online dating. Throughout these encounters, I’ve tried to be as safe as I can with new sexual partners but perhaps forgot the necessary precautions once or twice. With my wife, I never had to use condoms or worry about STDs since we were both tested when we began dating and were in a strictly monogamous marriage. I was finding it hard to get back in the swing of things.,

Needless to say, when I noticed a cluster of three soft bumps at the tip of my penis last week I was completely freaked out, not to mention super embarrassed. Please excuse the descriptiveness but if you are reading this, you’ve likely spotted something similar. These bumps were rather moist, soft to the touch and when I Googled my symptoms on WedMD, I felt pretty certain that I had developed genital warts based on the photos I saw.

I was at work at the time (clearly not the best occasion to be pulling up graphic photos) so I did more research as discretely as a I could and discovered that there was no way out of going to the doctor, no matter how embarrassing my little situation was. I’m in the Orange County / Newport Beach area so I started looking for a doctor treating male genital warts nearby.

I nervously stepped far enough out of earshot of my co-workers and sheepishly called Dr. Lauber’s office. He had good reviews, was located nearby so I decided to simply get it over and done with. His receptionist (I can’t remember her name off the top of my head) was very professional and understanding of my embarrassment/fear of going in for an exam. I was able to make an appointment for the next morning and that night drove myself even more wild by Googling more photos and descriptions. (Side note: whatever you do, don’t do this! You will drive yourself crazy like I did).

When I met Dr. Lauber and told him my story, symptoms and concerns, he advised me I should certainly always use protection with new partners but helped ease my anxiety and guilt when he assured me that even condoms can’t fully protect you from warts. I may have gotten the HPV virus from someone I used protection with. He told me that simple skin-to-skin contact can do it just the same. I guess I should have paid a bit more attention in health class. He educated me more on safe sex practices (without shaming me thankfully!) and then we got to the part I was totally dreading the exam! (cue the dramatic music).

Okay so all in all, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I have Dr. Lauber to thank. He made me laugh and reminded me that we are all human with human problems, nothing to be embarrassed about. My fears were confirmed, I did in fact have genital warts. Rather than run out of the room screaming, Dr. Lauber walked me through the next steps of treatment and told me what I could expect. HPV doesn’t have a cure, but outbreaks may not happen too often. In men, HPV doesn’t cause as many issues as it does with women.

While the outcome of my situation was not one I hoped for, Dr. Lauber’s bedside manner, knowledge and care made me feel comfortable asking the questions I needed to about how to protect my health and the future health of my partners. If you are looking for a doctor treating male genital warts in the Newport Beach area, look no farther than Dr. Lauber. I plan on seeing him for my continued treatment and highly recommend him.