An Analysis Of Essential Hair Loss Products Including Advanced Hair Studio Fitness Program (ahs-fp)

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Hair loss is a problem that effects both women and men alike with causes ranging from lifestyle, medical or simply genetic reasons, there are many products out right now there aiming to reduce the loss and improve the condition.

It is difficult to find products, treatments and procedures geared toward today’s busy people who don’t wish to subject themselves to the ordeal that is often involved with standard hair loss products. Many require a system which is convenient to use and simple to understand; no intensive education or training is required.

Amongst the hair loss products are many lotions and potions. Perhaps the best effective solutions are those containing minoxidil or Serenoa such as the Advanced Hair Studio Fitness Program (AHS-FP). Other products like those of Revivogen contain ingredients which aim to reduce the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), similarly, Inhairit have a topical water base and are more herbal solutions. Other products are made from keratin such as Nanogen which aims to bind keratin to the existing hair adding thickness and fullness.

Know Your Type

Before to beginning a hair loss program, you should refer to a special chart that is known as the Norwood Hamilton Classification. This easy-to-read chart allows you to check and see what stage your hair loss is at and from there you can ascertain what products are right. This chart can work out which products are right ensuring that you won’t be wasting your time – or your money.

How Products Work

Some products contain combinations of special combs alongside a range of fitness products and a specialized hair and scalp antioxidant solution. Details about each are outlined below:

Advanced Laser Combs – These FDA-approved device uses Laser PhotoTherapy to promote the growth of strong, full, healthy hair. Noticeable results typically occur within twelve weeks.

Shampoos and conditioners containing Serenoa. Several clinical trials have shown that Serenoa stops hair loss approximately 62% of the time, and that is promotes hair regrowth approximately 46% of the time.

Antioxidant products – The antioxidant products are used to strengthen weak hair and to promote a healthier scalp. Like many other antioxidants, it helps you achieve results “from the ground up.”

When hair needs to have to be brushed or combed, you use the Advanced Laser Comb; when it needs to have to be washed, you use a lot of fitness products. Regular treatment with the included antioxidant helps round out the system, promoting and encouraging the growth of strong, healthy hair.

What It Can Do

When using methods of combining the laser comb with hair and scalp antioxidants as directed, the programs can slow down hair loss significantly. At the same time, promoting hair growth when used consistently. The hair that does grow back in is typically stronger and more flexible than the hair that it replaces, thanks to the unique shampoos, conditioners and other products that are included. Ultimately, those who consider to use the programs stand a very good chance of putting their hair loss to an end, and of achieving a thicker, more lustrous head of hair.

Key Benefits

Several key benefits have been noted from regular use of the hair loss programmes. Depending on the products, these include:

* the slowing down of hair loss that is caused by genetic and/or hormonal factors

* the regrowth of thicker, fuller, stronger and healthier hair

* noticeable results within twelve weeks of beginning the regimen

* the ability to incorporate the program into your everyday routine

* being able to avoid harsh chemicals and extreme procedures that can cause pain, scarring and other problems

* a low-impact way to fight back against hair loss

The Bottom Line

There are so lots of products out available but founded on numerous reviews across the Internet, it is clear that those using the combination of laser combs alongside fitness products are being viewed as legitimate – and highly effective – products. Men and women who are battling with androgenetic alopecia or other forms of hair loss may be able to achieve great results through the use of these system. They are non-invasive and low-impact, and are reliable ways for people to avoid more extreme forms of hair loss treatment.