• Choice of Business Entity, Things to Think About – Limiting Your Liability

    Choice of Business Entity, Things to Think About – Limiting Your Liability0

    Some thoughts about the problems small business owners face when choosing a business entity. Among other factors limiting the liability of the business owner must be carefully considered. It is important to remember that simply choosing to do business in an entity – corporation or limited liability company- is not enough to eliminate all the

  • Hollywood Highlights the Need for Estate Planning

    Hollywood Highlights the Need for Estate Planning0

    Hollywood is constantly helpful for a terrific story about a cash dispute including somebody famous. Actors, manufacturers, authors, and agents are permanently arguing about who gets what does it cost of the millions they make each year. These stories rarely have any bearing to the average American’s life. Sometimes, nevertheless, a Hollywood story actually does

  • Medicaid Change in Place for 2018

    Medicaid Change in Place for 20180

    Many people are surprised when they hear just how expensive long-term care has become these days, says a Temecula probate lawyer.  If you look at the average length of stay which is between two and four years, coupled with the average costs you may be faced with an expense that exceeds $200,000 toward the end

  • Transferring Assets Outside of Probate

    Transferring Assets Outside of Probate0

    Moving properties to your loved ones is the goal when you are planning your estate, and it is essential to understand the fact that you have several choices to this end. You might automatically believe that you will be using a last Will to reveal your wishes, but when you look into the details you

  • How To Reduce Your Estate Taxes

    How To Reduce Your Estate Taxes0

    If your estate is valued above a certain amount, your heirs will be faced with the possibility of paying the federal estate tax. At the present time the estate tax exclusion is $5,120,000 and the rate of the tax is 35%. So the part of your estate that goes beyond the exemption amount undergoes the

  • GLBT Life-Partners Things to Know About Estate Planning0

    If it’s crucial for many people to have all of their estate planning documents in place ahead of something disastrous happens. It is even more crucial for members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. This is because different states have different laws about GLBT life-partnerships. These laws can change your end-of-life financial and